16 & 17 April 2024 – Hyatt Regency West, Houston, Texas

Travis Mease

Thermoplastic Product Manager, Greene Tweed

Topic: Composite impeller for centrifugal compressors 

SYNOPSIS: Mease will discuss a composite impeller for centrifugal compressors. Compressor performance is currently limited by the maximum rotating speed that a metallic impeller can sustain, as there is a direct relationship between the rotating speed of a compressor stage and the pressure ratio that can be achieved.

BIOGRAPHY: Mease is currently in a leadership position responsible for developing product strategies, path to market methods and the execution of technology portfolio roadmaps. His 15-year tenure at Greene Tweed initially focused on designing composite aerospace components, primarily discontinuous carbon fiber thermoplastics. He now contributes by driving the proliferation of thermoplastic composites into new and underserved markets such as hydrogen compression. Through the use of novel thermoplastic manufacturing techniques, his work has helped to develop a non-metallic compressor impeller capable of spinning at the rotational speeds required to compress light-weight gases such as hydrogen.

Travis holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineer, with a concentration in Aerospace from the University of Delaware. While at Delaware, he worked at the Center for Composite Materials supporting Defense projects through the design and creation of fiber-epoxy based structures.

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