16 & 17 April 2024 – Hyatt Regency West, Houston, Texas

Dr. Tim Bremner

Materials Technology Director at Advanced Sealing Technologies

SYNOPSISBremner plans to demonstrate a few fundamental needs such as:

• Thermal management to better deal with frictional heating and the challenges of hydrogen gas thermodynamics

• Self-lubricating and mechanically robust high temperature material compositions

• Tribochemical influences on the promotion of wear stabilizing transfer films


BIOGRAPHY: Since May 2022, Dr. Tim Bremner has served as the Materials Technology Director for Advanced Sealing Technologies, a Michelin High Tech Materials Company. Prior to this, Tim held the position of Materials Technology Director for CDI Energy Products. From 2004 to 2019, Dr. Bremner was the Vice-President of Materials Technology for Hoerbiger Corporation of America. During this time, he was additionally the Co-Director of the APPEAL Industrial Research Consortium based at Texas A&M University in College Station Texas in the Polymer Technology Center, creating, and leading a variety of fundamental and applied research projects related to the use of high-performance engineering polymers across energy sector applications. Dr. Bremner’s 36 years of experience in the world of polymers, including 20 years in the field of gas compression, non-metallic seals and tribological science, spans a wide range of fundamental and applied R&D, including high temperature composite formulation, product development, and property modeling.