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Jeff Falkiner

Jeff Falkiner is the Manager, Operations & Maintenance Engineering - Storage & Transmission Operations at Enbridge Gas Inc (EGI).  Jeff is responsible for engineering support for all compression and ancillary equipment in the storage and transmission operation at EGI, a portfolio of over 800,000 hp.  Jeff is a licensed mechanical engineer with 30 years of experience in the natural gas industry, including pipeline and metering/regulating station design and construction, equipment specification, asset management, integrity programs, and rotating equipment support.  Jeff is currently involved in assessments of hydrogen impacts on and suitability for compression equipment.



Key engineering elements of repurposing natural gas assets for blended hydrogen service


Though hydrogen is not an energy source, it does have a major role to play in decarbonizing existing energy infrastructure. The criticality of ensuring due diligence is undertaken prior to repurposing natural gas assets will be laid out with examples of both past and current efforts Enbridge is undertaking in the hydrogen blending space. Efforts being made to decarbonize gas turbine driven compressors will also be discussed.








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