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Jacob Saletsky

Jacob currently serves as an engineer supporting Williams’ New Energy Ventures group in Tulsa, OK through development and execution of projects centered around decarbonization of existing natural gas gathering, processing, and transmission assets, as well as energy transition markets including low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia, carbon capture, renewable natural gas, waste heat recovery, and utility-scale solar. Jacob has been at Williams since 2020, and prior to his current role, Jacob worked as an asset integrity engineer out of Salt Lake City, UT, and a tactical project engineer out of Pittsburgh, PA. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.



The technical aspects of hydrogen compression


Jacob will discuss some of the technical aspects of hydrogen compression. He will address why Williams has plans to play a large role in clean hydrogen production and transmission. He will describe the motivations behind using hydrogen-based fuel to decarbonize existing natural gas assets.

The presentation will include a summary of its recent field test in Wyoming on a legacy Cooper 6V-250 reciprocating engine. He will discuss the results of those field tests, the effects of hydrogen blending on combustion emissions and stability and the modifications needed for permanent installation. His presentation will include how Williams will utilize these results and the next steps for Williams.








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