SAVE THE DATE  |  16 & 17 April 2024  |  Hyatt Regency, Houston

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Marybeth McBain

Senior Sales Engineer, Elliott Group


Marybeth McBain represents Elliott Group as a Senior Sales Engineer, covering North and South America for engineered products, which includes LNG compressors, pipeline transport, downstream / refinery compressors and hydrogen and CO2 applications, as well as axial compressors, cryogenic pumps and steam turbines in this region.  Previously, Marybeth worked at Kinder Morgan for five years evaluating new compression for gas transmission / storage projects and recommending upgrades and compressor modifications for KM’s midstream systems. Mrs. McBain also worked at Southwest Research Institute for ten years in the pulsation analysis and turbomachinery groups.



Perspectives on hydrogen blending


The promise and potential of hydrogen to lead toward a decarbonized energy infrastructure will likely result in significant investment in technologies and an evolution of modern compression equipment. In addition, pipeline and fueling system infrastructure changes are required to meet the production, transportation, storage, and usage needs for a properly functioning hydrogen economy. For the most part, the compression requirements are similar from production to transport, requiring booster units, pipeline transport compressors, storage compression and possibly fueling station pumps or compressors. Both blue (hydrogen reformed from natural gas) and green hydrogen (electrolysis production) will be produced to support decarbonized fuel and gas-fired power in the U.S. in the coming years.  This presentation will provide an overview of these needs, hydrogen compressor challenges and considerations for how these applications may warrant new compressor designs in years to come.




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16 & 17 April 2024

Hyatt Regency, Houston