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Craig Martin

Chief Engineer, Rings & Packing

Cook Compression


Craig Martin, chief engineer, ring & packing products for Cook Compression, is responsible for guiding technical standards, development goals, and product application and support.  Craig has been with Cook Compression for 18 years and works at the facility in Jeffersonville, IN.  He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and his expertise is in sealing products (piston rings, rod packing) for reciprocating compressors.




Challenges Associated with High Pressure, Non-Lubricated, Hydrogen Reciprocating Compression


Existing hydrogen applications for reciprocating compression units are well known, including hydrocracking and other refining applications. The emerging energy market for hydrogen storage, injection, and fuelling applications present new challenges such as smaller footprints, difficulty with non-lubricated sealing at required high pressures, and the need for new test methods and novel test equipment. This presentation will discuss several challenges associated with hydrogen compression and, through case studies, illustrate our approach to solving them.








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